Afel Bocoum


Celebrated Malian songwriter and guitarist Afel Bocoum is among the last of a breakthrough generation of African musicians who were the first to cross-pollinate their own traditional music with the new sounds that arrived from all over the world throughout the 20th century. Hailing from Niafunké in the Timbuktu region of Mali, an area that straddles the cultural riches and political tensions between the northern and southern areas of the country, Bocoum spent decades touring and recording with desert blues pioneer Ali Farka Touré.

He released his new studio album ‘Lindé’ through World Circuit Records in September of 2020. Damon Albarn, who acts as executive producer on the record alongside World Circuit’s Nick Gold, shared his thoughts: “Afel’s voice is one of the treasures of Mali, and this record is a gift to us all.
He is available for concert on different line-ups.