Aly Keita

Ivory Coast /Netherlands/ Italy

Aly Keita earned worldwide renowned for his mastery of the balafon. While rooted in tradition, Keita's Afro-pop, funk-fueled rhythm section and taste for complex jazz-oriented arrangements set him far apart from most balafonists.

The way he plays is just spectacular. The sticks in his hands seem to dance on the wooden keys of the instrument. He played alongside with artists like Joe Zawinul, Amadou & Mariam, Pharoah Sanders or Rhoda Scott. Aly Keita lives in Berlin today, where he met the Dutch drummer Marcel van Cleef and the Italian Bass player Roberto Badoglio. The Trio combines the West African rhythmic with elements of jazz and creates a fantastic soundscape. 

Aly Keita – Balafon
Marcel van Cleef – Drums
Roberto Badoglio - Bass