Ayça Miraç

Germany, Turkey

The Black Sea has always been a melting pot of cultures, a fascinating network of tones that is unknown to us. Along with her quintet, the young Jazz singer Ayça Miraç leads us into this world and connects it to the here and now: on her touching debut "Lazjazz" she spans a unique sound bridge between the centuries - from the cultures of the Laz and Mingrelian to the Bosphorus and onward to Bill Evans.

Ayça Miraç's "Lazjazz" adds an exciting chapter to the creative dialogue between European jazz and the treasure of traditional sounds of the East. And her voice shines as a bright star that is just rising in the vocal heaven.

“With an expressive voice and remarkable sophistication“ – Jazzthetik (DE)
“Laz singer Ayça Miraç enchanted contemplatively.“ – die Zeit (DE)

Ayça Miraç – Gesang & Komposition

Henrique Gomide – Piano

Philipp Grußendorf – Bass & Cello

Marcus Rieck - Drums