Flèche Love


Listening to Flèche Love, one is transfixed by a voice, a body and a statement that evokes flashes of sensations, emotions and wonderful images.

Artist Amina Cadelli writes, composes, produces and directs her music and music videos. Her Berber tattoo on her neck protects her most precious asset, her voice, with which she always invites listeners into her spiritual cosmos.

Amina was born and raised in Switzerland as the daughter of Algerian immigrants and Berber. This dual culture, given to her from childhood, blurs in her the notions of borders. Even though she grows up in Geneva society, the magical fighter Kahina is a protective figure for her, and Rumi's work is a comforting refuge. She is a passionate astrologer, ethnologist and naturalist, and as a child imagined becoming a lawyer, aware very early on of the power of words and their cathartic ability to liberate.

Flèche Love wants to strive for the universal and practices a musical syncretism in English, Spanish, but also in Arabic or Turkish. She combines her unique and avant-garde music with dance, which she practices as a liberation with multiple inspirations, combining the Japanese Butō, the "expression of the dark body", with oriental dances or elements from hip-hop.

Before the release of her next album entitled "Guérison" in Spring 2024 (Horizon / PIAS), the former singer of Kadebostany will give acoustic concerts accompanied by a cello, a clarinet and an electro-acoustic guitar. This artistic turn heralds a new more electronically influenced show that will also welcome Sufi and Buto dancers on stage from März 2024.

Line-up (acoustic set):
Flèche Love - vocals, dances
Jafar Aggiouri - guitars / clarinet
Olivier Koundouno - cello

Line-Up (electronic Set):
Flèche Love - vocals, dances
Vincent Pedretti - guitars / clarinet
Sabine Quinet - drums & moog



Flèche Love

FR - Nancy, Nancy Jazz Festival



Flèche Love

FR - Annemasse, Le Château Rouge



Flèche Love

FR - Porte-les-Valences, Train Théâtre