Physical Graffiti

UK/Germany/ The Netherlands

Physical Graffiti has been playing homage to one of the world's most famous rock bands - Led Zeppelin - for over 15 years. The band built up a solid reputation mainly throughout the German club and hall scene over the last decade, but it wasn't until singer Andrew Elt was asked to join the ranks as lead vocalist, that the world's ultimate rock band got its ultimate tribute.

Andrew Elt - Lead Vocal
Daniël Verberk - Guitars, Violin Bow, Theramin
Dave Harrold - Bass, Mandolin
Jan Gabriel - Drums, Percussion
Remco Van Zandvoort - Keyboard



The Very Best Of Led Zeppelin Tour

DE - Unna, Unna Rockt



The Very Best Of Led Zeppelin Tour

DE - Torgau, Bastion Festival