Randy Hansen


Surprisingly there is someone who is able to impersonate amazingly exactly the original guitarsounds of Jimi Hendrix: Randy Hansen. But that´s not enough: When Randy is singing you get the feeling that Jimi is alive. The combination of the nearly perfectly imitated voice and style of singing and the way he uses to play the guitar let Randy become the reincarnation of Hendrix. It´s unbelievable! By the way Randy Hansen is born in Seattle/Washington/USA, like Jimi Hendrix. Randy lives Hendrix – you can´t call him a coverartist. Playing together with the member´s of Jimi´s original Experience – band for a several times, he became an important part of the Hendrixfamily.

Randy Hansen - Vocals, guitar 
Ufo Walter - Bass
Manni von Bohr - Drums