Rolf Kühn


"Germany's coolest jazz musician" - DIE WELT (GER)

Rest and departure. Experience and curiosity. Body and soul. Rolf Kühn is extremely attracted to such opposites. And so the 91-year-old improvises and moves once again through new musical territory with his album "Yellow + Blue" (MPS/EDEL).

"Europe's greatest clarinettist and free spirit" (Jazzthetik) plays ballads and legendary love songs on his MPS album, released in 2018, into which he dives deeply, but from which he also draws new, unheard sounds. After all, a sentimental review is not his thing. In his quartet with pianist Frank Chastenier, bassist Lisa Wulff and Tupac Mantilla (percussion & body percussion) Rolf Kühn contrasts his sensitive side with an unrestrained desire to explore. The title song "Yellow + Blue", one of five new pieces, brings both perspectives to the point: The soft, delicate, warm bluesy tone color blue stands next to the bright, impulsively glowing. And this contrast is in fact turned into a completely new musical color.

 "In life there are always two sides to life, but the most beautiful thing is when they can even enrich each other and flow into each other to create something completely new." - Rolf Kühn

The world-famous clarinettist plays in numerous formations - whether with his equally renowned musician brother Joachim Kühn, his UNIT (with Christian Lillinger, Ronny Graupe and Johannes Fink) or in a trio set-up with Asja Valčić and Amoy Ribas. With each of the titles he interprets, he can still fill the time of their creation with his own memories. Lived jazz history. The boundless musical curiosity of a son of a circus acrobat, born in Cologne in 1929, is received with noticeable mutual love by his co-musicians, who are much younger than him. Rolf Kühn, who was awarded the honorary certificate of the German Record Critics' Prize for his life's work and, together with his brother Joachim Kühn, the Jazz-Echo-Prize as well as the German Jazz Trophy for his life's work, combines elegance with daring in his playing and vital joy of making music with mature sovereignty.

Line-Up “Yellow + Blue”:

Rolf Kühn – clarinet
Frank Chastenier – grand piano
Lisa Wulff – double bass
Tupac Mantilla – drums/body percussion


We remain full of sadness. Rolf Kühn was a close companion for many years, an incredibly wonderful friend. Unfortunately, he passed away on August 18, 2022.
We are left speechless.

With deep sympathy & love.
Lena - Jazzhaus Artists