Susan Wolf


Susan Wolf could be one of the most exciting comebacks of 2019. She first made a name as Soe Tolloy, touring as a support act for Katie Melua and Simply Red. A serious illness stopped her from breaking further into the music business. Now she’s back with a brandnew release: I Have Visions is an optimistic and mature album that combines a certain scandinavian melancholia with warm and pulsating Americana sounds. With a phoenix-like energy she seems to have re-invented herself and rises out of the cover artwork‘s deep black. The songs were written, recorded and produced in Denmark with her band of brillant musicians who also accompany her on tour. With a prolific voice, authentic stories and a low-key charm she mesmerizes the audience. Given her confident homecoming to her inmost musical visions, it is little wonder that she revives her birth name and returns to the stage from now on as Susan Wolf.

Susan Wolf - vocals & guitar

Nikolai Heyman - guitars

Dennis Ahlgren - piano & guitars 

Henrik Poulsen - bass

Peter Dombernovsky - drums & percussion