Bab L'Bluz

Morocco / France

Bab L’ Bluz are reclaiming the blues for North Africa. Fronted by a Moroccan woman in a traditionally male role, the band are devoted to a revolution in attitude which dovetails with Morocco’s ‘nayda’ youth movement –a new wave of artists and musicians taking their cues from local heritage, singing words of freedom in the Moroccan-Arabic dialect of darija. Ancient and current, funky and rhythmic, buoyed by Arabic lyrics, soaring vocals and bass-heavy grooves, Nayda! seems to pulse from the heart of the Maghreb.

Yousra Mansour: Awisha, Lead Vocal, Percussion
Brice Bottin: Guembri (bass sound), Guitar, Percussion, Backing Vocal
Brahim Terkemani: Drums, Sampling Pad, Backing Vocal
Mehdi Yachou: Percussions, Flute, Karkabs, Backing Vocal