About us

Jazzhaus Artists is an internationally acting tour booking agency. We operate across all musical and geographical borders and care about a close partnership with the bands we cooperate with. Together with the labels and managements of the artists, our goal is to develop long-lasting and sustainable strategies in order to succeed within the music industry Besides our core business, tour booking, we also provide full service artist management for several acts.

Jazzhaus Artists has existed since the beginning of 2008 (until fall 2019 under the name Jazzhaus Booking). As part of the Jazzhaus Freiburg GmbH, Jazzhaus Artists has benefited enormously from a close relation with the in-house record label Jazzhaus Records and the renowned venue Jazzhaus in Freiburg. A steady interdepartmental exchange of experience, expertise and skills is therefore also within the very essence of the Jazzhaus team.

Due to the enormous and steadily growing relevance of the live music industry, Jazzhaus Artists considers itself one of the essential and supporting pillars within the architecture of our common house, the Jazzhaus Freiburg GmbH.

Header photo: © Nylo de Meijer