Dobet Gnahore

Ivory Coast / France

Dobet Gnahoré, a singer, dancer and percussionist from the Ivory Coast, inherited the force of the “Bété“ tradition from her father, Boni Gnahoré, a master percussionist who plays with the Abidjan”based Ki”Yi Mbock Company, directed by Werewere Liking.!!In this artistic collective Dobet learned music, dans, theatre during several yearsIt was within this Ivory Coast”based company that Dobet met French guitarist Colin Laroche de Féline, who went there to immerse himself in African melodies and rhythms. Having spent some time in the well”known Tché Tché dance company, Dobet decided with Colin (in 1999) to form a twosome, Ano Neko, which means “Let’s create together“ in Bété language