Carlou D


Born in the suburbs of Senegal’s capital Dakar, Carlou D started his musical career as a member of Positive Black Soul: the country’s first, and arguably most successful, hip-hop group, and has been mentored by and collaborated with the legendary Youssou N’Dour. ”The part of hip-hop which I have kept in my music is the courage to be direct” says says the guitarist, singer and exceptional dancer.
With his clear voice Carlou D connects the mystical, spiritual Zikr music of the Baye Fall with the grooves of Funk, elements of the Senegales Mbalax and Afropop to create his own, authentic style. He performed international on festivals such as Womad, Womex, Africa Festival Hertme, Africa Oye, Glatt & Verkehrt. Besides his band program he performs also solo shows and is available to cooperate with orchestras and string quartets.

Instagram: 427.000 Follower

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YouTube: up to 7.000.000 clicks per song