Dock In Absolute


Dock In Absolute is a stellar trio from Luxembourg comprised of Jean-Philippe Koch on piano, David Kintziger on bass and Victor Kraus on drums, young musicians who breathed new life into the music scene. With a shared love of music, they combine different styles of progressive Jazz, classical and rock, playing the pianist’s own compositions and co-created their unique jazz style in 2012. Its music is sparkling, varying, forceful, pressing, rich in twists and turns in mood: from lyrical to unrestrainable, from wild to graceful, from virtuosic and crystalline to assertive and dramatic, from subdued to airy and demonstrative. It can be charged-up one moment and calm the next, then take off again to reach vibrant sounds.

Dock In Absolute brought his first album out in 2017, under the Label CAM JAZZ and the second one ‘Unlikely’ in 2019, the third one "[Re]flekt" came out in October 2023, also on CAM JAZZ. The trio already has been named the “Export Artist of the Year 2017 and 2019” by music:LX in result of being the most active band in Luxembourg and discovery artist of the year by Jazznews. Their latest album belongs to the "100 Greatest Albums of the year" by the Jazzit Magazine Awards.

The trio presented its music to many Festivals and venues including the Tokyo Jazz Festival, the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, Edinburgh Jazz Festival, Liverpool Jazz Festival, Paris Jazz Festival à la Cité,  Jarasum Int’l Jazz festival, Ottawa Jazz Festival, Brussels Jazz Marathon, Stuttgart Musikfest,  Südtirol Jazz Festival, Aglan Jazz Festival, Sibiu Jazz Festival, Blues’n Jazz Rallye, Luxembourg Jazz Meeting to quote only a few…

Their fresh approach to jazz allowed them to push boundaries, to touch a wide audience and to explore the potential of new unique wave of sounds while adding strength to the jazz field.

'A talented band with a potentially bright future ahead.' - Ian Patterson, All About Jazz


Jean-Philippe Koch - piano
David Kintziger - e-bass
Victor Kraus - drums



[Re]flekt - Record Release Tour

DE - Stuttgart, Musikfest



[Re]flekt - Record Release Tour

DE - Allensbach, Gnadenkirche



[Re]flekt - Record Release Tour

DE - Kassel, Theaterstübchen