Ellis Mano Band


The Ellis Mano Band was formed in 2016 in a chance late-night conversation between singer Chris Ellis and guitarist Edis Mano. In various singing groups, Chris Ellis was a regular on Swiss and German television and radio, as well as the summer open-air concert scene. Edis Mano was a celebrity in his own right in the Balkans, where he filled stadiums as a teenager before accompanying all the big names in Switzerland. The two discovered they shared a love of American blues and Southern rock and hatched a plan to start their own project.

 They turned to drummer Nico Looser, who had played for years in the band of Switzerland's best late-night TV show and toured as a backing musician for top Swiss pop artists. With their chartbreaking album debut «Here And Now» (Official Swiss Album Charts, No. 8), the band attracted attention in the Swiss music world right away two years ago. With their new album «Ambedo» (Official Swiss Album Charts, No. 2), this year's finalist of the "Swiss Blues Challenge" turns to the core of the blues - but without musically lapsing into traditionalism. Although the Ellis Mano Band is a new name in the European music world, the musicians have been shaping the scene for decades: singer Chris Ellis, guitarist Edis Mano, drummer Nico Looser and bassist Severin Graf have already worked with Max Mutzke, Stefan Raab, Nek, Baschi, Marco Rima, Tracy Chapman, James Gruntz and other top-class musicians at home and abroad. Long-time friends and fellow musicians have grown into a troupe that does justice to the overused term supergroup! Blues, rock and soul have shaped the band throughout their musical lives, and the members have now bequeathed themselves to this old love with all their heart and soul. With «Ambedo», the Ellis Mano Band seamlessly picks up where they left off two years ago.

"The album is nothing short of brilliant! Ambedo presents a rich tapestry of emotions, all stemming from four supremely talented session musicians having a great time composing, arranging and performing their own tracks, simply being a real tight-knot band again." (Velvet Thunder, UK) 

Chris Ellis - Vocal, Guitar
Edis Mano - Guitar
Lukas Bosshard - Hammond, Keys
Severin Graf - Bass
Nico Looser - Drums