Etta Scollo


Language and music, the poetic word and the composed sound: for Etta Scollo, the two have been making ever-new blossoming partnerships ever since she took up poems by her compatriot Rosa Balisteri in 2005 with "Canta Ro". Never before, however, has the Sicilian molded language in such a comprehensive way, from so many different sources, into a sonorous form as in her new work: on "Il passo interiore" she accompanies man on his inner journey - a journey with texts from half a millennium, which possess philosophical, spiritual and evermore humanistic traits.

With "Il passo interiore" she has created something that, she believes, is indispensable for the future of humanity: "The word must return to a genuine human interest - such as the music has, not an impulsive, violent one. This is the only hope for me, that we can find ourselves and become humane again."

Solo, Trio oder mit Orchester