Wir Hatten Was Mit Björn


The musical journey of WIR HATTEN WAS MIT BJÖRN began with the singer and composer Maika Küster and the trombonist Maria Trautmann in 2015. The two musicians joined forces and since then have been creating sounds together, writing lyrics and composing film and theater arrangements. Since 2015 they have been on stage with drummer and effect specialist Manuel Loos, followed in 2018 by double bass player Caris Hermes. Wir hatten was mit Björn grew into a quartet and released their first debut album "Oh What Pretty Thing" in 2017.

Their common music sounds beguiling, naked and rough, then again tender and intimate. As a listener, you feel like you are sitting directly between the band, as if the sounds were close to your ears, almost in your head and then in your heart. There are songs that you want to hear lying on the floor, that drive away the cold, show the bird to the time and that tell about being human. All in all it’s pop music at it’s best with funny instruments. Acoustic sound of double bass, trombone and suitcase drums, plus electronic sounds. In between floats the singing, direct and pure. This music is not a journey to faraway places, it is a deep immersion into one's own wild intimacy.

Wir hatten was mit Björn plays concerts as a quartet as well as in a duo of vocals and trombone. The music of the duo is created in the moment, improvised and intuitive.

Maika Küster – vocals
Maria Trautmann – trombone
Caris Hermes - double bass
Manuel Loos - drums & electronics



DE - Bochum, Zeitmaultheater



DE - Saarburg, Konzerte der Kulturen