Wir Hatten Was Mit Björn


After "Oh What Pretty Thing", "ON THE RUINS", the new album by the band WIR HATTEN WAS MIT BJÖRN, will soon be released. It sounds stronger and bolder than before. The songs still tell of being human; however, on this album the immersion in one's own wild intimacy sometimes turns into an outburst - angry, strong and without restraint. The world in between never gets lost though, the intimate sounds close to the ear, almost in the head and then in the heart.

"On the ruins our friendship began, laughing in anger and oppression..."

The acoustic sound of the quartet consisting of double bass, vocals, trombone and drums is expanded on "ON THE RUINS" by synthesizers and electronic sounds, sometimes also guitar and piano. It is an album that gives each song the sound it needs. And that's what this band can do, sound simultaneously powerful and also truly fragile. There is always a pinch of humour, combined with the idea that in the end you can't take being human so seriously.

The musical journey of WIR HATTEN WAS MIT BJÖRN began with singer Maika Küster and trombonist Maria Trautmann in 2012. The two musicians joined forces and have been creating the band's pieces together ever since. The quartet also includes Caris Hermes (double bass) and Manuel Loos (drums). On "ON THE RUINS" you can also hear some friends who joined for individual tracks. The new album was released  September 2nd, 2022 at Jazzhaus Records. Let the tour begin...

Maika Küster – vocals
Maria Trautmann – trombone
Caris Hermes - double bass
Manuel Loos - drums & electronics