Harold López-Nussa


Cuban-born pianist and composer Harold López-Nussa opens an exciting new chapter in his fascinating career with his Blue Note debut Timba a la Americana, a vibrant album full of joy and pathos inspired by the pianist's recent decision to leave his native Cuba and start a new life in France. The material on Timba a la Americana is derived from a thriving and still-evolving lineage of Afro-Cuban dance music, connecting that magnetic energy to the spontaneous interplay associated with jazz. 

"López-Nussa's single-note grace is akin to Herbie Hancock's, and his two-fisted attacks are as joyous as Chick Corea's" - Downbeat Magazine

Co-produced by Snarky Puppy's GRAMMY-winning founder & producer Michael League, this new album features the harmonica master Grégoire Maret (Prince, Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny), the great Latin jazz bassist Luques Curtis (Gary Burton, Eddie Palmieri), and Harold’s brother, Ruy Adrian López-Nussa, on drums.

This group’s electrifying performance at Jazzahead Bremen in April 2023 was described by London Jazz News “the absolutely infectious dynamism of Harold López-Nussa‘s group with harmonica wizard Grégoire Maret was the most stunning, uplifting and inspiring concert that I heard”.

"The future of Latin jazz" - The Times


Harold López-Nussa – grand piano
Grégoire Maret – harmonica
Luques Curtis – bass
Ruy Adrian López-Nussa – percussions & drums



Timba A La Americana

AT - Salzburg, Jazz & The City



Timba A La Americana

DE - Kassel, Theaterstübchen